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The fundamentals of the business intelligence on Customer Relationship Management

The fundamentals of the business intelligence on Customer Relationship Management

Customer satisfaction study is the part of business intelligence research and in this domain many timeswe might have more information but less intelligence. This study includes that how easy a customer feels dealing with the companyand is he going to recommend the product or service in future to others. For all what is mentioned in the paragraph above is good connectivity turnstile speed gates in saudi arabia with an effective communication. Here the feedback is important and it helps in overcoming the flaws.

Why the customer satisfaction is important?

The customer satisfaction is important because this is the age of the social media platform and the brands that dominate this platform are the winners. It can be understood more clearly that if a customers aresatisfied with the service or product thenfourteen percent of total customers reflect on the social media platform and recommend the brand, and this somehow helps in increasing the brand recognition.Word of mouth is also one of the best forms of advertising and the study found that over 79% of the customers share their good experience about the brand to the society in their proximity.

What is customer relation management?

In our daily lives we cannot ignore that the technology has replaced much of our stress and has cut down our work load as well no difference is there even if we talk about the customer and relations with them.There is a CRM famous as customer relationship management which is a software interface that has the data of the customers individually which not only the contact of information of the customers but also those aspects that affects the business. These aspects prepare the ground for the service providersortrading brands to design course of action in order to improve the relations with the existing customers.

Importance of customer history information in CRMSoftware

Many times it happens that most of us prefer to buy a mobile phone from a store nearby and once you go to purchase whilst closing the deal at customer desk you have to show your IDand that information will be stored by the executive on the customer’s desk. In return you get some small vouchers enduring the information of you customer ID and bill no. etc.

Just imagine that after fifteen days this mobile got malfunctioned and this made you head towards the store. Once you reachthere, since all the history is saved with CRM of that store will save from loss of money and the mobile will be treated as per the warrant or guarantee. Call us for Long Range Reader, Hotel Management software, turnstile speed gates, payroll software and Turnstiles in Saudi Arabiaand get it along withLoyalty Card and CRM in Saudi!


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