Semnox builds complete Ticketing solutions and Venue Management for the Family Entertainment and Leisure industry. With Semnox, you can automate your key processes, and manage them centrally. Make your business robust, your staff more productive, and your customers happier. Cashless Arcade System, Mobile Point of Sale, Self Service Kiosk, Party Reservation, Tickets & Redemptions, and many others are solutions offered by Semnox.

ORBILITY is the European leader in Intelligent Parking Management Systems, recognized for the quality of its products and associated services. Orbility supply a diverse range of customers around the world, airports, shopping centers, municipalities, hotels, public and private operators. From the busiest airports and large hospitals through to smaller, local off-street parking, Orbilty tailor the solution for you.

Metra secure, sustainable, maintenance-free, environmentally friendly and user-friendly smart locker solutions save time, money, space and remove maintenance and stress for clients in over 60 countries around the world. Metra’s solutions enhance the functionality and usability of storage furniture for a wide range of B2B clients, from corporate, industry, health, educational, leisure, sports and other sectors.

Kupan is specialised in the installation of rooms with high demands. Kupan designs, produces and installs cubicles, lockers, vanity units and cleanroom doors for Sports and public areas. Kupan's experience and expertise guarantee top quality in design and durability.

Let’s Make Life Safer” is Tiso mission statement. They promote this ideology at every stage of the process from first introduction of the TiSO range to the partners, through manufacture, to installation and maintenance of their products on site. The successful delivery of their mission is ensured thanks to the quality of the products that they manufacture and distribute internationally.

The Kumahira Group has built up the history as the leading company of security industry in Japan based on prominent development ability and honed product quality more than a century since its founding in 1898.Now, the Group is accelerating expanding total security products.Through these technologies and qualities, we contribute to support your Anzen and Anshin

Quercus Technologies is an international company with a presence in the parking sector for more than 20 years.The know-how of the team that makes up the organization and its long experience in the market represent the most important asset that has made Quercus Technologies a world reference among companies that manufacture and sell license plate recognition products and parking control solutions.

Since 1974, Delta Scientific Corporation. has manufactured products and barricade systems that promote safety and security for pedestrians and properties with the help of our knowledgeable and experienced employees. Delta’s product lines consist of high-security vehicle barricade systems, parking control equipment and guard booths.

Nedap Identification Systems is the leading specialist in systems for long-range identification, wireless vehicle detection and city access control. Our readers, sensors and controllers optimize, monitor and control the movement of vehicles and people. Safe, secure and efficient. Technology that can easily be applied to security, traffic and parking applications

INDECT provides smart and state-of-the-art solutions for simple parking guidance in your parking facility. Our combination of parking guidance systems and single space administration optimises your car park management as an operator, and guides your customers faster to their destination: a free parking space.

Arma Kontrol was established in 2006 to meet the highest safety requirements. Arma Kontrol has already supplied their solutions to thousands of projects worldwide, including public institutions, historical sites, airports, banks, shopping centres, and industrial zones.

IDIS is an established global security solutions company, which designs, develops, manufactures and markets security surveillance solutions from cameras, DVRs to video management software.

Boca Systems, a market leader for over 30 years supplying thermal printers to a variety of venues and locations. From Stadia to Theatres, from Theme Parks to Airports.

Since 1972, Came has been producing the widest range of operators for residential and industrial entrances, car parks and access control systems, as well as developing home automation and intruder alarm systems. By constantly innovating and acquiring new brands and specialist know-how, Came today can offer integrated solutions to meet all needs of people-flow and access control controlling and monitoring.


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